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Welcome to Venia, an online home decor label, where every product is a curated masterpiece designed to elevate your home.

We specialize in offering a thoughtfully crafted collection of furnishing fabrics, bed, bath & table linen, cushions and an array of home accessories.

At Venia, we don't just sell products; we provide home decor solutions that transcend trends, offering a style for every preference, from boho to neo-classical, contemporary to rustic.

Our mission is to help you build the home of your dreams.

Our Projects


Virendra & Co

It all began in 1956 when Mr. NR Gera, with a vision to redefine home furnishings, founded Virendra & Co, the oldest and now the most distinguished home decor store in the lush valley of Dehradun.

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Pioneering Elegance

N.R. Gera

Mr. N.R. Gera crafted a lasting legacy through innovative visions and relentless hard work. His endeavours formed the very cornerstone of our foundation, a true testament to his passion for home decor.

Crafting Tomorrow

J.K. Gera

J.K. Gera, inheriting the cherished legacy, expanded and streamlined our offline store with a touch of magic.

Guiding the next generation, he became the force behind the creation of our online label, cheering on his daughter's dream.

Leading the Next Chapter

Jayati Gera

Fuelled by a desire to breathe fresh life into the family business, Jayati transitioned from a career in consulting into the world of home decor. Now at the helm, Jayati transforms Venia into more than a brand – it becomes a living reflection of her commitment to exquisite home decor solutions.